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A breathtaking journey that feeds the imagination and leaves you waiting for more. It drew me in as I watched the characters grow and adapt to the constantly changing environment around them. As I read of the mistreatment and injustice I began to feel my blood boil and yearned to join in the righteous fight alongside the characters. A masterpiece full of intense action, tender moments, vivid landscapes, and thrilling adventure. —Abby Lanier

An entertaining, engaging story that kept me on the edge of my seat. Characters you'll grow fond of with stark, contrasting personalities. Full of irony that parallels our current times. This book keeps turning right up to the powerful, fantastic ending I didn't see coming.—Ryan Burks

A fast-paced adventure, this story is full of twists and turns that author is known for. The characters range from lovable, to spunky, to downright despicable—all elements of a great piece of literature. This novel also touches a lot on political unrest and excessive government oversight, making it relatable to today’s tumultuous times. It’s a page-turner that will keep you moving towards the end!—Tara Brown

Loved the read and enjoyed the character development along the way! Excited to see the next chapter, hear more backstory, and see how characters transform. Loved the action of the civil unrest as the backdrop to the story.  As a fan of the first three novels it was really cool to jump in time in this book and see how the good intentions and plans of the original books had been corrupted a century later. Action sequences well done! Well written. --Jeff Hoyos


What a great book and conclusion to the trilogy! Action-packed. Great moments between characters. I could hardly put it down! Read it in almost one sitting. Highly recommended! If you are looking of new series to get into the Edenix Cycle is for you!  --Jeff Hoyos

The first two books in the trilogy each made me want to read the next, and that is saying a lot. This third book was no different. Bock is a great story teller. This has truly been a great reading experience! --Todd Moore

These characters we have known and loved are thrown into a tailspin of action, danger, and justice. With a twist that you don't see coming, you will love this dramatic conclusion of the trilogy with the queen's reign. --Tara Brown


Wow! Loved this book! The story was engaging and the ending left me on the edge of my seat for the next book in the series! I'm hooked! Highly recommended! --Jeff Hoyos

Whoa! Things just got interesting on Edenix! A beautifully mysterious stranger arrives with a well-calculated plan. Bock keeps you guessing up until the very end with a twist ending that even the most experienced readers would not expect! --Tara Brown

Fantastic advance from act I. Answered so many questions while posing plenty more. The author leaves me enthusiastic for more. Act II is filled with great characters and thrilling plot movement. --Aubree LeMay

Incredible! Bock has a way of transporting you from your living room to Eden Nine. It isn't hard to imagine yourself as a survivor, part of this intimate community, watching your friends as all the events unfold around you. --Todd Moore




The refreshingly strong female lead shows true spirit in the presence of debased captors. This story reveals endearing characters with a plot structure reminiscent of [C.S. Lewis'] The Horse and His Boy. Can't wait to read more from this up and coming author!aph here. --David Klein

Absolutely LOVED reading this book! Well written and crafted. Got me hooked into reading the entire series. Loved how characters were developed not only in this book but throughout the entire series. Well thought out and a FUN read! --Jeff Hoyos

Amazing book! You get very emotionally involved with all of the characters. The author did an amazing job at making all the characters relatable. Right away, the storyline moves, tugging at your heart strings and sense of adventure, right on up to the surprise ending in the twist you just WON'T see coming! --Tara Brown

Loved this book! It's Little House meets Space Odyssey and it totally works! The character development is outstanding and each chapter compels you to read the next. Looking forward to hearing more about the town folk of Edenix! --Tood Moore

Great book! It's a brilliant collide of Hans Solo and Indy. I couldn't put this down without waking early to find out the ageless "what's next". I am eager to see where this series. --Aubree LeMay

Very entertaining. Characters have a lot of depth to them. I enjoyed the interpersonal relationships and background he wrote in. The description was well-balanced-not overly burdensome. I've already recommended the book to several others. Read it. --Brad Powell