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Sometimes, we need a complete reboot

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I’m not talking about the “oops” that requires a quick press of a button to “undo” your last action. I’m not talking about the frantic backspace backspace backspace! that I’ve done from time to time. I’m talking about a whole new thing. Clear out the RAM, shut down the operation, let it cool for a bit, and start over…maybe even with a new operating system.

A while ago, one of my houseplants got infested with little itty bitty mites. I could hardly see them, but I could see the results of them on my poor plant. It just stopped growing. It looked great from a distance, but when you got close to it, you could tell something was not right. A few leaves were turning brown, and nothing new was coming up. If you’re not renewing, expanding, or transforming, you’re dying.

Hoping that I could save my poor little plant, I looked up some remedies and tried to rid it of these pesky little pests by trying several options I found on the Internet. However, the mites did not go away, and the plant did not come back to its previously healthy state.

I spoke to one of my colleagues where I work my full time job, and he just shook his head. He’d worked for years at a nursery and now helps his wife with the flower shop they own. He knows plants. He didn’t even have to see it. His pronouncement was quick and sure: “Burn it.”

Once I got over the shock that there was no hope for my little plant, I cut it off at the base. I ditched the plant and treated the soil. Then I waited, watered, and wondered if it could come back to life.

My life was like that once. I’d drifted from a good path and...