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I loved Unfolding! A powerful story of redemption and restoration. An action-filled and engaging book with lovable characters. It kept me guessing the whole way through until the surprising twist, with a truly satisfying ending. —Jeff Hoyos

A captivating novel. Dive right into this gripping, fast-paced storyline with challenging events. Journey with Edeanna as she reaches out to grasp at hope, grace, forgiveness, salvation and His never failing love. Enjoy this wonderful read. —Trudy Castle

A journey into the known and unknown of us all…a quick paced, thought provoking, adventurous read. The characters are multi-layered and well written. An enjoyable story that offers hope and humor! —Cindy Brown

Intense, thought-provoking read. This author brings it again in the stand alone book. As in all his other books, every detail, every nuance, and every situation is meaningful and brings you on a journey with twists, turns, and surprises from the first word to the final period. Whether you're looking for an entertaining read or something to speak to your soul, pick this book up and give it a whirl. You will be glad you did. —Tara Brown

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The storyline was very fast moving and thought provoking . The language is very visually descriptive. In all it makes you want to read more. - Anon.

Intense short story filled with tough choices and loads of empathy. Action was quick to catch up with the accelerated plot progression. Can't wait to download other works from this author.  --Aubree LeMay